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     David spent his early years working at Smalley's Bar B.Q. Pit in Pinellas Park, Fl.  He learned all he could about cooking at Smalley's and brought it to Brooksville.


     David and Tami moved to Hernando County  in 1989 to raise their two children in this fantastic rural area.


One morning after David was done with his job delivering the local newspapers, he stop at "Bigun's"  for breakfast. He came back the next day and they were closed. He came by later that afternoon and learned from the staff that they weren't going to open for breakfast any more because they didn't have anyone to cook breakfast. He said "I can do it". So they directed him to James McLamb's "Bigun's" house. So David and Mac came to an agreement for him to lease the Restaurant for Breakfast. David went home that day and told his wife, Tami that he needed a waitress in the morning because they were going in the Restaurant Business.


     After a few years  Mac left the Bar B.Q. business and  David and Tami took over the entire operation. We are proud to say we are Celebrating our 25th year at Bigun's this year.

The "Bigun's" name came from the nickname of the original owner James McLamb  who is  6'5''.

David and Tami decided to keep the name when they bought the Restaurant.



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